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Non-metal Continuous Pro-ducing String

      “Metal Rod Oil Production” has high operation cost, low efficiency and many leaking points, which is not suitable to deviated well oil production. “Non-metal Continuous Producing String and Reciprocating Magnet Drive Oil Submerged Pump”achieves “Non-metal Rod Oil Production”, which has low operation cost, high efficiency and no leakage, which is suitable to all wells.
       The product is composed by continuous reinforced plastic composite pipe for oilfield, even distributed wire rope and cable, which adopts special method to ach
ieve the connection among the product, wellhead and reciprocating magnet drive oil submerged pump.

Performance Index
Continuous Length: 500~2000m
Support Pressure: ≥15 tons
  Working Pressure: ≤10MPa
I.D. ≤42mm


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