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Oil Pipe for Energy Saving, Hydrophilicity, Anti--para-ffin and Electric

Structure Chart of Electric Heating, Hydrophilicity and Anti-paraffin Continuous Composite Pipe


     Anti-paraffin convey layer adopts combined extrusion of heat resisting PE and modified PE hydrophilicity to form an anti-paraffin coating of 0.5mm thickness inside XLPE. The water contact angle of modified PE hydrophilicity material is 380. Because crude oil has large amount of water, the anti-paraffin convey layer can form water film on the internal wall of pipe by combining with the water of crude oil. The film can prevent wall from absorbing paraffin particles and reach anti-paraffin effect. The pipe can resist high temperature and can be used for a long time under 65℃. The pipe also can resist corrosion and fatigue. The pipe has smooth internal wall and its absolute roughness is 0.015~0.0015mm.

Heating the pipe through heating system to achieve single pipe heating convey
Smooth internal wall which resist paraffin
Continuous pipe without fitting, which is flexible and easy for installation
Good thermal insulation effect
High electrothermal conversion rate, low infrastructure cost and energy saving
Corrosion resistance and long service life
Smart control and remote monitor

Ambient temperature: -30~40℃
Heat conduction coefficient: 0.0036 W/m•K
Absolute roughness: 0.015~0.0015mm
Temp. control precision<5℃
Working voltage: 380V,50Hz、 Heating voltage: DC 0~600V、 Heating current: ≤50A
Electrothermal conversion rate: >90%

    The pipe can replace double-pipe watered oil convey system, which achieves single pipe gathering and convey

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